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Last update : 16 juillet 2001

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Space Racer is a 3D car racing game. The circuit is a road in a galactic environment. It aims to be a clone of the well known Stunt Car Racer developped by Geff Crammond, author of Grand Prix I and II.

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Current version

Version 0.2.4
by Ellis, Iceman and Johannes
configure by Hcl, track by Chris

    Main menu
    Textured circuit
    3D rotating stars and planets
    Only one player game
    Keyboard control
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Version 0.2.4 (17 juillet 2001)
    Use of SDL
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Project page

Here is the's Space Racer project page.

In the future...

Space Racer is looking for help:
  • a coder to do the network part
  • a coder to do a better 3d motor
  • testers (try this game and send us a report)
  • music and graphisms (jpg, png, ase such a car)

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Space Racer homepage
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